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Visapur is a beautiful hill station located near Pune, Maharashtra. It is a perfect place to escape from the city’s hustle and bustle and spend some time amidst nature. If you are planning a trip to Visapur, then the best way to reach there is by hiring a cab from Pune. In this article, we will explore all the necessary details about Pune to Visapur Cab.

Book a Pune to Visapur Cab

Booking a Pune to Visapur Cab is a hassle-free process. You can book a cab online or by calling us on the above number. We provide one of the best cab rental service that fits your budget and requirements. While booking, make sure to fill all trip related details in the booking form

Distance Covered by Pune to Visapur Cab

The distance between Pune and Visapur is around 70 km, which can be covered in approximately 2 hours by cab. The road from Pune to Visapur is well-maintained, and you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Western Ghats during the journey.

Pune to Visapur Cab Fare

The fare for Pune to Visapur Cab varies depending on the cab operator and the type of cab you choose. The fare for a standard AC cab usually ranges from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2500. However, the fare may be higher during peak seasons or weekends.

Pune to Visapur Cab Rental

If you are planning to spend a few days in Visapur, then you can also opt for a cab rental service. We offer rental services that allow you to use the cab for a specific duration. The rental charges depend on the number of days you want to rent the cab and the type of cab.

Online Taxi for Pune to Visapur Booking

You can book a cab online for Pune to Visapur journey. Many cab operators have their websites or mobile applications that allow you to book a cab online. Online booking is convenient and time-saving. You can also avail of various discounts and offers while booking online.

Things To Know About Pune and Visapur

Pune is a vibrant city known for its rich history, culture, and education. It is home to many prestigious educational institutions, museums, and historical monuments. Visapur, on the other hand, is a serene hill station located near Pune. It is famous for its scenic beauty, trekking trails, and historical forts.

Pune to Visapur Cab Journey Time and Duration

The journey from Pune to Visapur takes approximately 2 hours by cab. The duration may vary depending on traffic and weather conditions. However, the journey is comfortable and enjoyable.

Places to Visit in Visapur By Taxi

There are many places to visit in Visapur by taxi. The most popular places include Visapur Fort, Bhaja Caves, Lohagad Fort, and Pawna Lake. You can also go trekking in the nearby hills and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Western Ghats.

Pune to Visapur Cab or Taxi Route

The route from Pune to Visapur is well-maintained and passes through the beautiful Western Ghats. The cab or taxi usually takes the Pune-Mumbai Expressway and then the Lonavala-Khandala Road to reach Visapur.

Price for Pune to Visapur Cab

The price for Pune to Visapur Cab depends on the type of cab you choose and the distance covered. The average fare for a standard AC cab is around Rs. 2000. However, the fare may vary depending on the season.

Hiring a cab from Pune to Visapur is one of the best ways to explore the beauty of the Western Ghats. Whether you are traveling alone or with family and friends, a cab journey to Visapur is always memorable. So, book your cab today and get ready for an exciting journey ahead!

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